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Join Point vs Point Cut

This is probably one of the best way to differentiate join point and point cut at Aspect Oriented Programming, as explaied by Craig Walls at Coderanch dot com. When you go out to a restaurant, you look at a menu and see several options to choose from. You can order one or more of any … Baca lebih lanjut

ASP.NET State Management Mini Guide

Types of State Management Client-side state management View state. Enabled by default, can be turned off at page-level Control state. Similar to View state except that it’s at control-level Hidden fields. Cookies. Small piece of text, can be expired, can be refused by users/browsers Query strings. Attached to URL, used by HTTP GET. Server-side state … Baca lebih lanjut

Abstract Class vs Interface

Found this little cheatsheet from my archive. Thought it might be more useful if I put it here 🙂 — Source: codeproject

Open Method of Workbooks Class Failed

The Problem I tried to open an excel file using Delphi 6. In my form, I had an Edit, an OpenDialog, and a Button. Basically, I wanted my app to open the file selected by the user. Here is the code on the button’s OnClick When this code is executed, it often raises an “Open … Baca lebih lanjut

CodeIgniter Automatic Config BaseURL

Sebel gak sih kalo kita harus berkali2 mengubah $config[’base_url’] gara2 pindah lokasi/environment? Well, I do. Untungnya, di wiki CI ada yang baik hati membagi jurus saktinya 😀 Buka file config.php, dan masukkan kode ini Save, and.. tada! Base URL nya akan otomatis sesuai dengan environment yg kita gunakan. Alternatif lain, gunakan kode ini untuk HTTP … Baca lebih lanjut