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Beautiful Visualization: Looking at Data Through the Eye of Experts

I’m currently reading this book. As a novice in Data Visualization field, I find it very interesting. It emphasizes the importance of beautiful and meaningful presentations of data–with which we can obtain a whole new understanding easily.

Edited by Julie Steele and Noah Iliinsky, this book is more than 300 pages thick and organized into 20 chapters; which is quite a lot to read :D. Here are a few things covered in this book:

  • Explore the importance of storytelling with a simple visualization exercise
  • Learn how color conveys information that our brains recognize before we’re fully aware of it
  • Discover how the books we buy and the people we associate with reveal clues to our deeper selves
  • Recognize a method to the madness of air travel with a visualization of civilian air traffic
  • Find out how researchers investigate unknown phenomena, from initial sketches to published papers


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