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Flow Visualization: Google Analytics’ New Feature To Analyze Visitor Flow

Earlier this morning on Web 2.0 summit, Susan Wojcicki & Phil Mui announced Google Analytics’ new tool: Flow Visualization. This feature enables website owners to gain insight regarding their visitors’ flow, graphically.

Starting this week, there will be two kinds of visualization rolled out to all accounts: Visitors Flow and Goal Flow


Visitors Flow

The Visitors Flow gives you a graphical representation of visitors’ journey on your site: where they come from, where they drop off. For each node in the graph, there is a drilldown function by which you can perform more comprehensive analysis.

Visitor Flow

Visitors Flow

Visitors Flow

Goal Flow

Goal Flow provides a graphical representation for how visitors flow through your goal steps and where they dropped off. These goal steps are user-defined. For example, you may want to analyze how visitors do the “View Product Catalogue – Place Order – Complete Order” steps, as ilustrated below.

Goal Flow

Pretty nifty, huh? You can check Google Analytics blog for further details.



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